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behind the business of bling by babygirl
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I’m Baby

I provide jewelry and gifts for prisoners in the USA.

I noticed a need in the market for higher quality, more attractive pieces of jewelry. The choices available to prisoners were pretty cheap looking, very limited and didn’t focus on their particular tastes.

So, Bling by Baby Girl was created.

I’ve been a business owner for over 12 years and take pride in my piece of service to those forgotten and abandoned.

All of us make mistakes. Some worse than others. If an individual is focused on implementing a positive future for themselves and their society, they should be given the opportunities to show they can change. People are capable of great change.

I’m very much an advocate for prison reform and giving inmates the tools and therapy they need to get back out in society and give back to the people and economy. The justice system as we all have heard, can be quit unjustly with sentences. So many prisons out there housing inmates for 10+ years and don’t provide them with therapy, life skills, education or rehabilitation methods.

Instead, they sit wasting away in a box, with no development to become an asset to society. Instead, they are developing useless skills to adapt to their current environment. Prisoners are provided phone calls, tablets, and music to subdue them and drown them in monotony. But the correctional facilities don’t take advantage of the opportunity to shape them into better people for a stronger world. 


Serving you, while you serve your time.

~ Bling by Baby Girl