The Gift That Heals

Bring joy to your incarcerated loved one with a gift that stays with them near and dear to thier heart and soul while they are away from friends and family.


Crosses and crucifixes to improve your loved one’s soul.


Catholic jewelry adornign the Mother Mary, St. Peter and more.


Hand picked Muslim jewelry choices from brass, gold and silver.


Star of David, Hamsa and Chai Jewelry.

Quality First

Handpicked Jewelry

Custom Designs

For Inmates and Loved Ones

Trusted Support

By Phone or Email

About Bling By Baby Girl

Bling by Baby Girl provides quality gifts for inmates and prisoners. Among many amenities prisoners can have, most institutions in the USA allow inmates to purchase jewelry and gifts from catalogs or commissary inventory.

When purchasing jewelry for your loved one, It is your responsibility to check the rules and regulations regarding the specific details regarding what is and isn't allowed where they are residing. In some states inmates must get prior approval to have religious jewelry.

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